Chris our Food Rescue Specialist


Providing Food to Families in Need

In 2015:

  • Households visited the West Seattle Food Bank over 41,000 times.
  • We distributed almost 1.5 million pounds of food.
  • 9,300 individuals at risk of hunger counted on the WSFB at some time during the year,  including 3600 children and 1,800 seniors.
  • We delivered food weekly to the homes of elderly and disabled individuals not able to come to the food bank as well as the West Seattle Senior Center for their distribution through our Home Delivery and Mobile Food Bank Programs. 
  • We distributed 12,000 pounds of pet food and kitty litter to clients to take care of their furry friends.
  • 300 volunteers donated 21,000 hours of service to the food bank

To help families and children we offer a variety of food and service programs:

  • $325,000 worth of baby food, formula, diapers, car seats, strollers, furniture, toys, clothing and other accessories is distributed to parents of infants and toddlers through our Baby and Child Corner.
  • A Backpack Program that partners with 13 local West Seattle schools provides 300 school children six healthy, kid friendly meals weekly for the weekend.
  • A Bookcase Program provides the children and adults we serve with 14,000 free books to encourage healthy reading habits.
  • Our Community Connections Program helps the families we serve access additional information and services from dozens of partner organziations.

Securing Food

The West Seattle Food Bank has many partners assisting to secure food that will meet the special dietary needs and cultural preferences of the diverse population we serve.

  • Food Lifeline and Northwest Harvest, both distribution centers that supply food to community agencies like the West Seattle Food Bank,  provided 34% of the food we distributed to families in need.
  • Local retail grocery stores provided 46% of the food we secured.
  • To ensure a healthy balance of food and provide additional basic needs, WSFB purchased 14% of the food and supplies we distributed.
  • Individuals and organizations provide 6% through food drives and individual donations.
  • To get information on how you can make donations, visit our “Help End Hunger” page.