An apple a day keeps the doctor away but a pear is even better.  Distributing healthy food is a critical part of our service, and fresh produce is an important part of all healthy diets.  We accomplish this goal of securing fresh produce by reaching out to a variety of community resources. Listed here are a few of our sources for fresh produce.

  • Did you know that you can grow produce to donate to the West Seattle Food Bank? Make sure that the produce is clean and free of bugs, bring it to the Food Bank during our donation hours, and we will find a family that appreciates your efforts.
  • Lettuce Pray, now in its 5th year, collects produce and other healthy food items from churches in West Seattle and White Center, and then delivers the food to the local food banks.  For information on how to participate in this program contact Jane Taylor at
  • City Fruit is now working in West Seattle to help residents harvest fruit from their trees and get it to local food banks. Visit for more information on City Fruit or contact for help harvesting fruit.
  • Our van is out five days a week, picking up fresh produce and other items from local retailer. See our list of regular food donors.