In February the West Seattle Food Bank changed how we distribute food and we are excited about what this transformation will mean for the families we serve.


  • Our Food Bank distribution area will be set up more like a grocery store.
  • Instead of going through a distribution line, families will grab a shopping cart and pick out product from the shelves, freezer and cooler that are in the distribution/shopping area.
  • A bigger selection of product will be on shelves so families will be better able to choose foods that meet their dietary needs or cultural preferences.
  • Our food bank distribution will expand from 9 hours per week over 3 days to 20 hours per week over 4 days.
  • We are very excited about this change as it will provide more flexible “shopping time” and a much better experience for the 8,400 individuals we serve.


Did you know that last year the West Seattle Food Bank distributed over 1.5 million pounds of food & spent $260,000 on food purchases?


The West Seattle Food Bank has several programs to assist individuals and families with emergency and supportive services.  Fueled by our Food Rescue Program, Community Food Drives and Individual Fund Donations, The West Seattle Food Bank, through our Distribution process provides over 1.4 million pounds of nutritious food, baby food, pet food, diapers, and hygiene supplies to over 8,400 individuals including 3,200 children and 1,200 seniors on a yearly basis.  The West Seattle Food Bank delivers food weekly to the homes of the disabled, elderly and others not able to access food distribution at our facility through our Mobile Food Bank.  To learn more about our food services, visit the Food Distribution and Operations and Home Delivery pages.


Did you know that the West Seattle Food Bank distributed over $250,000 worth of baby supplies last year?


Our Baby and Child Corner supports parents with children by providing diapers, formula, baby food, furniture, car seats, strollers, clothing, toys  and other accessories for children up to 12 years of age. To learn more about our services for children visit the Baby and Child Corner page.Did you know the West Seattle Food Bank distributed over 14,000 books last year?The Bookcase Program provides the food bank client families the opportunity to take home and keep re-cycled books donated from local bookstores and individuals donors.  To learn more about donating books visit the Bookcase page.


Did you know that the West Seattle Food Bank provides a weekend “Backpack” of food to school children?


Our Backpack Program provides an equivalent grocery bag of nutritious & kid friendly food to over 416 youth who attend West Seattle schools to ensure they aren’t at risk of hunger over the weekend.The West Seattle Food Bank strives to help the families we serve access additional information and services from dozens of partner organizations.We would not be able to provide these most needed services if we were not actively supported by our Volunteer Program which provided 455 volunteers an opportunity to contribute over 22,860 hours of voluntary service.